Business Broadband



  • 24 x 7 Internet access
  • Up to 500/1000/2000/8000Kb/s download speeds
  • Up to 800Kb/s upload speed
  • Minimum downstream throughput 40% of rated bandwidth (up to 2000Kb/s)
  • Reverse DNS entries
  • Up to 800Kb/s upload speed
  • 8 Static IP addresses (5 useable)
  • No port blocking
  • Service guarantees available
  • Fully redundant network, multiple pops and peering
  • Dedicated account management
  • Dedicated technical support


* Always on, high speed, Internet access
* Rate adaptive service for increased reliability (MAX only)
* Faster upstream speeds
* Real-time email retrieval
* Ability to plan budgets with fixed costs
* Improved efficiency
* Increased productivity
* Reduced costs
* Transfer to Easy Telecom Internet for free


LLU stands for local loop unbundling. This is the process where a CP (Communications Provider) will put their own equipment in a local BT exchange as apposed to utilising the equipment provided by BT Wholesale .

As the demand for convergent applications increases businesses have a requirement for higher bandwidth coupled with lower contention. In response to this requirement Easy Telecom have a comprehensive suite of LLU based broadband services .

  • 55% UK coverage Provides DSLAM and backhaul diversity for back up and failure products.
  • Download speeds up to 24 Mb/s (we will advise estimated speed prior to order)
  • Upload speeds up to 2.5Mb/s (we will advise estimated speed prior to order)
  • Includes Annex m, ADSL2+ product range for digital voice quality and alternative to BT ISDN Ring fenced network providing business grade resilient product guaranteed throughputs to help plan usage


SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - is faster broadband service with equal download and upload speeds.

SDSL offers performance that compares with high-speed Leased Line connectivity but at significantly lower cost. We provide four 'same speed both ways' bandwidth options: 256Kbps, 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps.

Our range of SDSL services allows organisations to offer instant high-speed Internet access to multiple users on office networks, with a low contention, 'always on' connection.

SDSL is the perfect solution for businesses that rely extensively on the Internet and it makes a world of additional services possible, It enables organisations to take advantage of Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Telephony through Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, Video Conferencing, LAN Extension Services, and Point to Point - or almost any solution that relies on bi-directional data flow.