Hosted VOIP

From new start ups to established multi national companies our Managed Hosted Voip offering allows you to enjoy all of the advantages of VoIP such as:

  • Distributed work forces
  • SOHO Workers
  • No call costs between sites
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plan

Unlike other offerings in the market place Managed Hosted Voip is designed to remove the stress of managing and configuring your equipment and requires no understanding of  the underlying technologies.

The main components are located in large established data centres with many layers of redundancy interwoven, the customers' phones are connected to the system via a voice-enabled broadband network.

Hosted IP enables businesses to concentrate on their core operations by reducing the time and resource spent on their telephony requirements.

Business Efficiency

  • Rent what you need when you want it
  • Scale users and applications rapidly
  • Use a single network for voice and data
  • Unify your communications system across all sites

Financial Sense

  • Monthly rental model
  • Minimal capital outlay
  • Use of operational not capital expenditure
  • Lowered support and maintenance costs for telephony and data systems
  • Free calls between sites


  • System is always upgraded and remains state of the art at no extra cost

Features if Hosted IP includes

  • Personal and company Phone books
  • Access voicemails. And voicemail to email
  • Increased efficiency of telephone administration
  • The ability to upgrade and adapt to changes in call volumes or business practices
  • Greater visibility and monitoring of calls
  • Increased efficiency through better call distribution
  • Conference calling
  • Auto Attendant/IVR
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller Line ID